Dairy Farm Walk residential site launched for sale

A residential site at Dairy Farm Walk has already gotten kicked off available through public tender, announced the Urban Redevelopment Authority on Thursday 21 October.

With a land surface area of Fifteen thousand Six hundred Sixty Three sq meter, the spot has an optimum gross level size of Thirty Two thousand Eight hundred Ninety Three square m plus is anticipated to return about 385 residence units.

The 99-year rent term location falls under the Verified Listing of the second half 2021 Government Land Sales programme.

It includes a maximum property elevation of Eighty Five m SHD inside the medium-rise zone and also Sixty Nine meter SGP height datum inside the low-rise region.

This means north oriented units on higher floors would definitely experience unobstructed scenery of the Chestnut Ave GCB vicinity, whereas facing south units on higher storeys would certainly be facing greenery, reported Huttons Asia.

It assumes the spot to appeal to lively attraction, granted the favorable feeling out there, property developers keenness re renewing land bank, small brand-new source among the spot including additional great position aspects.

Hillhaven Condo Price

“It may likely bring in up to eight investors and a high offer of roughly $Nine hundred and also $1,000 psf per plot ratio,” revealed Huttons.

The location is snuggled within a relaxed enclave near to landscape, roughly 10 mins’ stroll to Hillview train station. It is at the same time easily accessible by means of significant streets and highways like Upp Bt Timah Road, BKE and PIE.

Neighboring colleges include GESS and CHIJ OLQP.

The tender intended for the plot closes on 8March2022. Its tender ending will be group with the HDB EC location at Bt Batok West Ave Eight, set for open during Dec’21 within the Verified Listing of 2H 2021 Government Land Sales Programme.

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